About Us

Ferret Was Designed to Democratize Access To Critical Intelligence About People And Companies To Make Transparency The New Norm.

 Building Trust is Hard, Ferret Takes Out the Guesswork.

About Ferret

Ferret is an AI platform architected from the ground up to empower companies and individuals with real-time, unbiased intelligence to identify risks and embrace opportunities. 

Leveraging cutting-edge AI and more than hundreds of thousands of global data sources, Ferret provides information — once only available to the financial industry — to all types of professionals, from angel investors to business leaders, making transparency the new norm. You should know who you’re dealing with, that’s why having due diligence at your fingertips, all in one app, will help you build better relationships.

Co-founded by serial entrepreneur Rob Loughan and leading due diligence expert Al MacDonald, Ferret is headquartered in the Los Angeles area with offices in Santa Monica, California, and Melbourne, Australia.

Our Story

Everyone wants to feel confident in who they put their trust in to make meaningful decisions. Up until this point, many of the resources needed to make these critical choices have been insufficient, unreliable, costly or exclusive (like “the 1%”). As a result, the ability to make informed business decisions isn’t a question of desire or skill, but one of access, resources, and bureaucracy.

The bottom line: we believe in a world where access to powerful relationship intelligence exists unrestricted. Setting a common standard of accountability and transparency – for both business and personal relationships.

Whether you’re dealing with business agreements or social circles, we believe you deserve to know who you’re next to. You deserve the full truth and nothing but the truth.

Ferret's Origin Story

Now that you know what we're all about, let's talk about how we made Ferret a reality

From Our Founder & CEO, Rob Loughan

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Personal Relationship Intelligence

Before you meet them,
make sure you know them

Self-generated online profiles can hide a lot. Ferret’s cutting-edge AI and proprietary data empowers you to see the person behind the persona.

Intelligence That Matters

  • Criminal History – Including Gender-Based Violence
  • Reputation – Current and Historical News and Social Media
  • Business History – Verify amazing claims or questionable partners.
  • White-Collar Crime – Early warnings about financial misdealing.

Clean Up your Social Network

Identify Bad Actors and Extremists

Choose Who You Spend Time With

Our Mission & Vision



As champions of transparency, we’re fighting for a world where this is a reality. Ferret believes in empowering everyone - from those sitting in cubicles to the boardroom - to make more confident business decisions and know who they’re dealing with. With relationship intelligence at your fingertips, we want to improve the way people connect so trust doesn’t have to be earned and it can be expected.



We are leveling the playing field through the democratization of information. Ferret’s powerful AI offers exclusive access to invaluable, risk-related data – and we’re turning it into inclusive intelligence to be shared by all. No more gatekeepers, no more exclusivity - more inclusivity.



Ferret is not a search engine; Ferret is a relationship intelligence platform.We curate machine-generated, user-validated intelligence by constantly analyzing 100,000+ data sources for relevant records about a user’s most important contacts – giving them the unbiased information they want, in the way they need, for the peace of mind they deserve.

Meet Our Team

Robert Loughan

CEO & Co-Founder

Al Macdonald


Greg Loos

COO, Head of Sales

Matt Heisie

Head of Product Marketing

Ajay Chopra


Peter Atkins

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