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Downloadable Guides & E-Books

More Than LinkedIn

This guide explains the limitations of using Linkedin for due diligence. Understand the ins-and-outs of user-generated content, and why it’s not the gold standard in getting to know a potential client. While social media sites like LinkedIn are a solid place to start, they’re largely inadequate for scrutinizing a founder’s background, since they only scratch the surface.


More Than Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a digital HQ for business information, from mergers and acquisitions to seed rounds and investor details. Originally focused on tracking and analyzing startup activity, the tech company now includes a variety of prospecting, lead generation tools, all still driven by data. But how accurate is this data? And does it come close to telling the whole story?


AI Ethics

At Ferret, we’ve adopted a set of principles guiding our due diligence intelligence app that promotes the merging of AI and ethics. These form the philosophical foundation of what we believe is the right way to approach how to develop ethical AI. Written into Ferret’s Terms of Use are vital details to protect this powerful tool
from misuse.


About Ferret Videos & Explainers

What is Ferret?

Ferret is an app architected from the ground up to empower companies and individuals with real-time, unbiased intelligence to identify risks and embrace opportunities. Leveraging cutting-edge machine-learning, and more than hundreds of thousands of global data sources, Ferret provides information — once only available to the financial industry — to all types of professionals, from angel investors to business leaders, making transparency the new norm.

Ferret Explainer

Meet Bob, he’s an investor who got an intro from a trusted friend to a person working on the next big thing. He brings him in to meet his team and cut a deal. However, things go south fast. See what happens to Bob when he gets Ferret…

Ferret App Demo

See how exactly Ferret works in this video series which offers three different scenarios where Ferret finds the dirt on bad actors. From investors on government watchlists, to shady business dealings with off-shore fraud - Ferret uncovers the good, the bad, and the ugly. Discover how Ferret can work for you.

App Demo - Scenario #1
App Demo - Scenario #2
App Demo - Scenario #3