Finance Professionals

You're responsible for managing other people's money. Make sure you've got the right tool to check for risks and spot opportunities.

Why You Need Ferret

When you're responsible for managing other people's money, you need to know who you’re dealing with. But to do this right, you have to be sure you've got the right tool. You need something that can not only provide results, but you also need to get alerts when bad or good news happens in your network. 

As a finance professional, you’re required to track past enforcement actions and to research licensing data as well. Because let’s face it: If you don’t know who you’re dealing with, you’re not doing your due diligence.

Before you regret it, Ferret it

Finance Professionals

Building Trust is Hard, Ferret Takes Out the Guesswork. Before You Regret It, Ferret It.



Your portfolio is one of your most valuable assets. But do you really know all the players managing it? With Ferret, you’ll gain access to hundreds of millions of records from around the world, growing every day. You will have exclusive access to reputable, risk-relevant info that tells the real story.



Get notified if your new (or old!) contacts are caught up in white-collar crimes, open a new company, get sued, have a windfall, or wind up in the news.



Are they being sued? Suing someone else? Have they been found guilty of white-collar crimes? Has their company? Find out about fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, bribery, corruption, embezzlement, and sanctions.



With a simple red, yellow, and green alert system, you’ll instantly recognize the most immediate threats in your network. This at-a-glance alert will give you the transparency you need to do your due diligence with confidence.



What are their financial interests? Who are they involved with? Discover where their interests and investments lie—foreign and domestic. Investigate your network before you’re under investigation yourself.

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Relationship Intelligence For

High Net Worth Individuals

You frequently meet people with extraordinary claims and great opportunities for you.

  • Expose the stories your new contact paid to remove from Google.
  • Validate their identities and their companies.
  • Protect and monitor your and your associates' reputations.

Ferret does the research so you don’t have to.

And Other Savvy Business People

We all have more contacts than ever and can’t possibly check all of their histories.

  • Make sure you don’t bring bad actors into your company or business.
  • Alerts tell you when to decline or remove new contact requests.
  • Get real-time updates about any news, good or bad, about your friends, family, and coworkers.

You don’t think twice about having antivirus software on your computer. Time to apply that to your social networks.

Finance Professionals

You’re responsible for managing other people’s money. Make sure you’ve got the right tool.

  • Perform anti-money laundering and sanctions checks instantly.
  • Track past enforcement actions or license data.
  • Get alerts when good or bad news happens in your network.

If you can access this data now, can you afford not to?


Are you walking into a pitch with nothing but a LinkedIn profile and a referral?

  • Unearth negative stories about founders or their teams
  • Find past lawsuits or undisclosed companies.
  • Monitor every risk-relevant person across your whole portfolio so that you hear news first.

Protect your assets and your reputation with Ferret.